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whats new Jan 2006
wrestle master

Whats new added in January of the new year of 2006 with examples on right side

The new year begins with someone handcuffed here, wrestlers here  and babes in wood here

270 handcuffs076 wood02271-1 handcuffs272 handcuffs02 182-1 wrestle02

3-4.1.2006  new handcuffed here, tied up here

273-1 handcuffs02248 tied up 251 tied up275-1 handcuffs02275-2 handcuffs02276-1 handcuffs

4.1.2006 new wrestlers here,  some handcuffed here and some babes in wood here

183-1 wrestle02183-2 wrestle02184 wrestle02277-1 handcuffs277-2 handcuffs02252-1 tied up02077 wood02

078 wood02079 wood02080-1 wood02081-1 wood02080-3 wood02081-2 wood02082 wood02

083 wood02185-1 wrestle02186 wrestle187-1 wrestle02188-1 wrestle189 wrestle02190 wrestle02

5.1.2005 new wrestlers here and some handcuffed here

191 wrestle194-1 wrestle195-1 wrestle 278-1 handcuffs02200-1 wrestle02199-2 wrestle02

198-3 wrestle02197-3 wrestle02197-1 wrestle02278-2 handcuffs202-1 wrestle02203-1 wrestle

6.1.2006 new wrestlers here, new tied up here , handcuffed here  and a nice new link to a site that trades with TV didcaps here

7.1.2006 new babes in wood here, tied up here and some new handcuffed here


205 wrestle02206-4 wrestle207-2 wrestle02253 tied up02254-1 tied up 279-1 handcuffs284-1 handcuffs02

280-1 handcuffs 281-1 handcuffs 283 handcuffs289 handcuffs02288-1 handcuffed02287-2 handcuffs02

285-1 handcuffs02287-1 handcuffs02085 wood02085-1 wood02084 wood02

8.1.2006 wrestlers here and babes in wood here

208 wrestle02087 wood02209 wrestle02086 wood02mst1302mst2104mst403To all

9-10.1.2005 new handcuffed here,  some wrestlers new here and some tickle findings from footman here and few tied ups here

292 handcuffs02210 wrestle02211-1 wrestle02mst603mst803mst904

11.1.2006 new wrestle pic here and new handcuffed here

212 wrestle03293 handcuffs02294 handcuffs213 wrestle02214-4 wrestle214-3 wrestle295 handcuffed

296 handcuffs02297 handcuffs02298 handcuffs02299 handcuffs215 wrestle02216 wrestle217 wrestle02

12.1.2006 new tied up and new wrestle here and here

218-1 wrestle02264-1 tied up02265-1 tied up02266 tied up02267 tied up02268 tied up02

269-3 tied up02295-1 tied up02296-1 tied up02297-2 tied up02298 tied up02219-1 wrestle02

219-2 wrestle02219 wrestle02220 wrestle02221-2 wrestle

19.1.2006 new clip here (tie up), here (tickle) and here (chick fight) and 20.1.some babes in wood here and more handcuffed here

304-1 handcuffs305-1 handcuffs088-1 wood089 wood306-1 handcuffs307-1 handcuffs308-1 handcuffs

21.1.2006 first step done: pix restored wrestling here, here and here, new handcuffed and restored handcuffs here,  tied up restored here and first babes in wood here

309-1 handcuffs309-2 handcuffs310 handcuffs227-1 wrestle228-1 wrestle

22.1.2006 more restored wrestle here and here. First step tickled restored here and second step tickle here and tickle attack here

Some new things here, here and here

23.1.2006 some new handcuffed here and first “tied up” restored here and new tied up here

311-1 handcuffs311-2 handcuffs311-3 handcuffs312-1 handcuffs022-8 handcuffs305 tied up306 tied up314-1 handcuffs

24.1.2006 new wrestlers here, tied up here  and new handcuffed here

313-1 handcuffs315-2 handcuffs229-1 wrestle230 wrestle307-1 tied up309-1 tied up310 tied up

25.1.2006 some new tied up here and a lot restored here and here

311-1 tied up310-3 tied up312-1 tied up

26.1.2006 new handcuffed here

316-1 handcuffs316-2 handcuffs317-1 handcuffs317-2 handcuffs318-13 handcuffs319-1 handcuffs320-1 handcuffs321-1 handcuffs329-2 handcuffs

27.1.2006 new tied up here, wrestlers here and more new handcuffed here and here

325-1 handcuffs313-1 tied up326-1 handcuffs324-1 handcuffs327-1 handcuffs330-1 handcuffs331-1 handcuffs

335-1 handcuffs333-1 handcuffs334-1 handcuffs336-3 handcuffs337-1 handcuffs231 wrestle338-1 handcuffs

339-1 handcuffs303-3 handcuffs340-1 handcuffs343-1 handcuffs344-1 handcuffs314-1 tied up315-1 tied up

31.1.2006 new handcuffed here, tied up here and babes in wood here


322-2 tied up320-1 tied up237-1 wrestle235-1 wrestle

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